MLC 2000 series can be configured with different power levels (depending on thickness of PCB) with manual loading/unloading of the PCB panels. Traditional mechanical de-paneling methods are not only noisy and dusty on the production floor, but they also tend to increase the scrap rate due to the inherent mechanical stress they impart on PCBs, especially when those PCB include sensitive components such as sensors.

The contactless cutting of a laser not only eliminates this mechanical stress, but due to the “cold” properties of the UV wavelength, PCB components may be placed right to the edge of the PCB without damaging them during laser cutting process
MLC 2000 series comes with a standard UV laser, precision optical components, high precision vision recognition system, high accuracy and repeatability XYZ linear stages that allows precise cutting and de-paneling of the PCB panels. It is a simple system to operate, fast and easy to setup and gives a high UPH and yield
UV laser up to 20W
High peak power and short pulse width
Low HAZ at cut edge (cold cutting)
Excellent gaussian beam quality (M2<1.3)
Precise accuracy at +/-10um
High cutting speed, high throughput
Cutting yield of >99.9%
Non-contact stress free process
Dual shuttle working
Low cost of ownership
No rework
Save time and cost
Low running cost
Manual-MLC1000-User manual