MLC 3000 series is a similar version to the 2000 series but with an upgrade and enhancement on the processing speed which lead to higher UPH.

It utilizes a high power UV laser and the contactless and cold cutting of UV laser not only eliminates this mechanical stress with other cutting method but also improved the cut quality and reduces scraps and rework.
MLC 3000 series comes with a high power UV laser, precision optical components, high precision vision recognition system, high speed galvanometer scanning head, high accuracy and repeatability XYZ linear stages that allows precise cutting and de-paneling of the PCB panels. It is a simple system to operate, fast and easy to setup and provides extremely high UPH and yield
UV laser up to 20W
High peak power and short pulse width
Low HAZ at cut edge (cold cutting)
Excellent gaussian beam quality (M2<1.3)
Precise accuracy at +/-10um
High cutting speed, high throughput
Cutting yield of >99.9%
Non-contact stress free process
Dual shuttle working
Low cost of ownership
No rework
Save time and cost
Low running cost
Manual-MLC2000-User manual