Biolino series represents the ultimate fiber laser marking system in unmatched compactness. Biolino fiber laser marker provides high speed, high precision 2D or 3D marking ability and is ideal for marking applications in the smartphone, automotive and electronics industry as well as label marking on plastic parts, metal parts and components.
Biolino series equipped with a unique laser oscillation technology that combines the characteristics of fiber laser to delivery a excellent quality and high speed mark. In addition to its unparalleled combination of high peak power and high average power, the Biolino also delivers an extremely stable, high quality beam with a long service life.

With the 3D galvo scanning technology, biolino allows curved laser marking, emboss laser engraving & large area laser marking. Biolino also allows 3 independent axis controls (X,Y,Z, Rotating axis) to implement multi-layers and rotating marking.
High peak power
Up to 50W of average power.
high precision 2D or 3D marking ability
Large marking area
20KHz to 100KHz Q-switch operation
High quality marking and superb contrast
High performance
Different level layer marking
Curved object laser marking
Deep engraving
Compact laser and extremely easy to integrate into turnkey systems.
High feasibility and neat marking on any shape
Low running cost with
Manual-Biolino 3D-Software manual