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Laser Marking Systems

Laservall Laser Marking product portfolio is focused on providing top value solutions for automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturing. A complete range of products and solutions based on FIBER LASER , SOLID STATE and CO2 technology, comprising wavelength range at 10600nm, 1064 nm 532 and 355 nm sources to cater for different materials interaction. This provides clear and permanent Logos, 1D and 2D codes, serial numbers & dates on most of industrial materials.
All in One
VLASE series
Laser Marking Systems
The NEW VLASE is a complete family of Diode Pump Solid State (DPSS) laser marking products available in three different wavelengths: 1064, 532, 355 nm, with power up to 20 W.

The New VLase family, based on the unified ONE RACK control platform, is available with compact, air cooled high performance, high peak power solid state laser sources, suitable for demanding industrial applications and hard-to-engrave materials.
AREX series
Laser marking system
AREX is the top performance family of laser markers based on Fiber Laser Technology, dedicated to industrial Direct Part Marking (DPM) application.

AREX offer IP64 environmental resistance on the marking head and native communication protocols.

Powered by the innovative Lighter Marvis software Suite, Arex is available in several configurations and power sizes to ensure the best results on nearly every application  
UNIQ series
Laser marking system
UniQ™ is the first ultra-compact “ALL-IN-ONE” laser marking system based on fiber laser technology. Thanks to compact dimensions, the rugged IP54 grade housing, the complete absence of an external controller and fiber optic delivery cable, UniQ™ laser markers are really unique with 15W of optical laser power, it offers flexibility in marking on a wide spectrum of materials. The ultra-compact design and the high efficiency, low noise, cooling system allows for easy integration even in tight spaces and complex environments..
ULYXE series
Laser marking system
ULYXE is the first ultra-compact solid state laser marker on the market.

The ULYXE product line provides ideal laser marking solutions for both stand-alone applications and industrial production lines. Integrated 6W DPSS laser marking system, due to its cost-effective, innovative design, ULYXE becomes the first choice in marking solutions by providing the best price/ performance for plastic and metal marking applications
EOX series
Laser marking system
EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on a  widest range of material.

Its configuration offers extreme flexibility for the integration both in production line as well as in stand-alone systems.

EOX embedded controller and the advanced features of its marking platform, EOX offers permanent coding and marking opportunity in a variety of applications. The EOX is available at 10W and 30W.
Laser marking system
VIOLINO II UV laser use Third Harmonic Generator (THG) extra-cavity technology that allows high conversion efficiency of the LBO non-linear crystal into 355nm suitable to work on almost all materials. Our short pulse and wavelength UV laser produces less heat affected zone (HAZ) also known as “cold marking” giving it a high performance in marking, ablation, micro-cutting and micro-drilling applications. It is a reliable, stable and most important – affordable solution and available in 3W and 5W average power.
BIOLINO series
Laser marking system
Biolino series represents the ultimate fiber laser marking system in unmatched compactness. Biolino fiber laser marker provides high speed, high precision 2D or 3D marking ability and is ideal for any marking applications. With the 3D galvo scanning technology, biolino allows curved laser marking, emboss laser engraving & large area laser marking. Biolino also allows 3 independent axis controls (X,Y,Z, Rotating axis) to implement multi-layers and rotating marking.