Laservall MLS 1000 series is an entry level laser jet soldering system perfectly suited for economical budgets and lowest cost of ownership for R&D purposes, SME industry and manufacturing. It is a highly flexible, compact workstation catering to soldering a variety of different microelectronic devices especially on camera modules, home key / fingerprint sensor, VCM modules and micro PCB joints.
Laservall MLS1000 series is a simple yet compact design system that is versatile, intuitive and ease of use for excellent soldering results. It comes with a high energy laser, XYZR-stages, our innovative solder jetting system, vision positioning system to meet demanding soldering requirements. It comes with one shuttle or two shuttle system for easy manual load/unload products for soldering process.
Up to 3 balls/second
Precise accuracy at +/-10um
Ball size from 50 µm to 760 µm
High UPH
High soldering yield of >99%

Requires no additional cleaning

Low cost of ownership
Low rework and save time and cost
Low and localized heat input
Catalogue - MLS 1000&2000 - version 1.3.5