Laservall MLS 3000 series is the most advanced system with full automated high-speed soldering combining add-on multi-purpose module (eg. dispensing system, barcode for tracking) and 2D/3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) that provides excellent throughputs with high yield and accuracy./div>
The MLS 3000 series laser soldering system is a fully automated system that comes with a automatic pick & place loader system, adjustable width conveyer system, vision positioning system, our innovative laser jet soldering system, auto-calibration and centering of laser, height check sensor making sure the soldering distance is always same and automatic pick & place unloading system. It also comes with an 2D/3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) module that can sort out automatically Good and NG products removing the need for human inspection.

The modular hardware architecture of MLS 3000 system combined with its sophisticated software enable deployment in different manufacturing industry which requires flexibility and fast setup, high volume production where process control and repeatability is a must.
Up to 6 balls/second
Precise accuracy at +/-10um
Ball size from 50 µm to 760 µm
Automatic loader and unloader system
Build-in 2D/3D AOI and height check module
Extreme high UPH
High soldering yield of >99%
Requires no additional cleaning
Non-contact  processing
Reduces manpower
Low cost of ownership
Low rework and save time and cost
Low and localized heat input
Non-human dependent
Cost savings
Technical Data-Laservall MLS system